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What Is A Study Abroad Scholarship?

Many universities support laudable students with financial awards or scholarships. A scholarship for studying abroad might cover all, any two, or one of the following...
A scholarship may cover you for:-

How Does IJEC Global Education Help Students Get Scholarships For Studying Abroad?

At Ijec International Education we help our students secure scholarships for studying abroad, provided that they meet the eligibility criteria of the University of their Choice.

We alert our students about International scholarships, inform them about any scholarships available and provide full assistance with scholarships applications.

As the seats are limited, our study abroad consultants help students send in their applications well in time to maximize their chances of securing a scholarship. 

What Are The Benefits Of Securing A Study Abroad Scholarship?

If a student is awarded a scholarship, he/she can concentrate on finishing his/her degree without taking any loans or taking up a part-time job to pay the fee. 

How Can Students Know If They Are Eligible For Study Abroad Scholarships?

Our qualified study-abroad consultants will help you determine whether or not you are eligible for any available scholarships. The following though is the general criteria that you must meet:

Take advantage of IJEC, More than Two decades of experience and expertise in selecting the right country & right visa