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Visa Assistance


Applying for a student visa is the most crucial stage of a student’s aspirations of studying overseas. Therefore one should be very careful and avoid mistakes while preparing the required documents. 

IJEC has one of the highest visa success rate in the industry. IJEC was awarded "PVA Authority" by Australian High Commission to issue visa approval in IJEC office in 2002. Only 2 agents in India were granted this honor.

IJEC was also the first to get eVisa – under the Australian High Commission pilot project.

Most countries have the following common criteria for student visa:

Once these required documents are in place, the student can fill the appropriate application form and pay the application fees and then lodge their visa. Some countries may require the student to submit a police clearance certificate and other documents depending on the student’s profile.

IJEC prides in providing students with hassle free visa application services. Therefore a student will not have to worry about the application process and documents.

IJEC covers: